Monday, February 15, 2010

autism in movies | Hollywood | Bollywood

Autism is a kind of disease where person is mentally retarded and roles of mentally retarded people has been performed by top actors in hollywood and bollywood.

Below are few of the top movies on autism:

1. Hrithik Roshan in Koi… Mil Gaya

As a mentally disabled child, Hrithik sweeped more awards than his role as a superhero Krrish. His puppy-dog attachment with Jaadu (The Alien), his child-like infatuation with Preity tugged everyone’s hearts.

2. Sean Penn in I am Sam

Sean Penn was brilliant as a mentally retarded man fighting for the custody of his daughter in this Oscar nominated performance.

3. Ajay Devgan in Main Aisa Hi Hoon

As an autistic Indraneel, who has a body of a grown man and mind of a seven-year-old, Ajay’s performance is nuanced and touching. The film didn’t do well but Ajay’s role was critically acclaimed.

4. Dustin Hoffman in Rainman

Many people started watching this movie as a Tom Cruise' fan and ended up cheering for Dustin more than him. That’s enough of a reason for us to give him the title of the ‘Best On Screen Autistic’. What’s more this movie won 4 Oscars including the best actor, director and movie.

5. Shah Rukh Khan in My name is Khan

Watched this movie yesterday and trust me this one is not a good movie to watch but as iys related to autism I had to make a post here.

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  1. I would disagree with the statement "Autism is a kind of disease where person is mentally retarded". Autism is certainly a developmental disorder but that does not equate to "retarded".

    There is a kind of Autism Alert Card featured during part of the film that is similar to a card produced by

    The trailer to "My Name Is Khan" is available at: