Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Bollywood Movie Releases - Upcoming Mpvies

September to December is normally a time for big releases in Bollywood. Filmmakers normally has a schedule for the movie releases like Aamir Khan is known to release his movies in Christmas of new Year, Rohit Shetty is famous for diwali releases apart from his flying car scenes in the movies. Deols normally release the movies around Baishaki. Slaman Khan has his home productions being released on the occasion of Eid.

This season is also set for new big budget and heavy star-cast movies to be released in new few weeks. Here is few pics from the movies:

Rang Rasiya - This is a movie based on the life in life of the 19th century Indian painter and his girl friend. Randeep Hooda and Nandena Sen plays the lead roles in the movie.

Force: Here we can see John Abraham back in action movies. John look great in the movie stills and I hope the movie will do well. Release date in September 30th.

Rascals - Once again king of comedy David Dhawan is back. This time there is no Govinda in the movie. In this movie Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgun fight each other for Kangana Ranaut.

Ra-One or Ra-1 -This movie is a sc-fi or action hero movie by Shah Rukh Khan and is set to repeat the success of Action hero movie Krish. I am not a big fan of SRK so I am preassuming that movie will flop.

Ek tha tiger: Once again Salman and Katrina will be together in the movie so goin by the stats this movie can be a semi hit.