Monday, August 16, 2010

Movies Updates - New Movie Releases

Well as expected Peepli live is doin well the timing of movie release is perfect and Aamir Khan really knows how to market his movies. Also those who are fans of Rajnikant can see the pictures of music release odf the movie Endhiran. Movie is made in hindi also and in hindi it will release with the name of Robot. For the pictures of the movie release check photo gallery.

Other movies news: Angelina stared SALT has been hit in India and I've seen many bollywood actress tweeting for such roles possible in bollywoood movies also. I wish they get such role and moreover audience also. LOL

Those who like adult comedy can watch out for movie "Hello Darling" which has been given A Certificate by censor board in India. Producer Ashok Ghai reacted to the 'A' certificate saying, "I am not surprised with an 'A' certificate since there have to be few scenes dealing with sexual harassment in the story which we cannot afford to delete. Still the film is a feel good, light comedy without vulgarity, so adults in a family can comfortably watch this entertaining film which has a strong message."

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